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Why Study Online?

Distance education and study online have become the study mode of choice for many students who for whatever reason prefer off-campus to campus-based study. There are a number of compelling reasons why study online continues to become more and more popular, with the increase in online student numbers being matched by an increased range of online program offerings. Some of the advantages associated with this mode of education include:

Location freedom

The world has changed a lot over the past few decades including the need for people to be able to work and live in different locations which can make it difficult to attend a physical campus. Along with this many potential students don't have access to a physical campus at all and if students can't attend a campus, then the obvious solution is for the campus to come to them. In this way online students become part of a vrtual campus which they can attend wherever they are in the world.

No time constraints

Along with overcoming the need for physical access to a campus, studying online also breaks down the barriers to study created by time constraints. Students can use their time management skills to balance the needs of work, family, and social life, or just organise a time to study which suits them best.

Course variety

Another often forgotten benefit of studying online is that students are no longer restricted to one or two physical campuses and instead can choose from a wealth of study options from many different providers. This makes it possible for students to pursue whatever courses they think are best according to their situation and objectives.

Flexibile entry requirements

In many cases it is possible for students to enter their program of choice even if they don't have the formal prerequisites because of the availability of preliminary or pathway programs they can undertake. Combining this with the other benefits of online learning makes it much easier for students to enter and pursue the studies they are interested in.

Student support

Online students usually have access to a range of support services from academic feedback to group networking and collaboration. The online programs are often designed so that support is a built in part of program delivery, making it easy for students to receive the support they need.

We are continually loading more online and distance education programs to open universities in Australia for easy and simple access. Browse the currently listed programs and visit the program providers' websites for their complete offering and further information.